Signs of a Failing Transmission

Even the most calm and collected car own could have a panic attack in response to a single word, namely, transmission. Any other problem could be managed. If you are confronted with the need for a new alternator, battery, or a few new tires, you can expect to pay only in the range of a few hundred dollars. But a failing transmission could cost more than a few months of rent. If you are concerned that your transmission is failing, there are a few obvious warning signs that might serve as indicators.   Hard Shifting A hard shift can be one of the more annoying of the warning signs because it happens consistently while you are driving. When you are shifting into the next gear, you may notice that your vehicle hesitates or has trouble. You may feel it jerking around or shaking. Unfortunately, this problem will not go away and your vehicle will and eventually be rendered inoperable. It is likely that it will eventually get to a point in which it will not shift at all, leaving you in first gear and unable to travel more than 20 MPH. That’s barely fast enough to traverse the parking lot.   Transmission Slips A slipping transmission can be a little frightening while you are on the road. It will seem […]