Five Benefits of Owning an Electric Vehicle

When looking for a new car, many people search for a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle. Since the gasoline car is most familiar and usually more affordable, people do not look deeply into purchasing an electric vehicle. However, an electric car has many advantages to it, but many people do not know about these advantages. The five best reasons to purchase an electric car are listed below. Fuel Economy Fuel economy is a huge reason to purchase an electric vehicle. With the price of gasoline frequently rising, many people have concerns about the miles per gallon that the gasoline vehicle gets. With an electric vehicle, this is not a concern. Electric cars are measured on how far they can go on a single charge. Therefore, electric cars are much more efficient than the gasoline vehicles. Performance and Maintenance Many people do not realize the smooth performance of an electric vehicle. Many people believe that the electric vehicle is slow, but this is not true. Although the electric vehicle may not have the same type of engine, it is still able to perform at the same speeds. As a matter of fact, the electric vehicle has an advantage over gas vehicles when it comes to acceleration. The electric vehicle does not have to shift between gears, and because of this, it is able […]

The New Tesla is All the Rage

The Tesla III is Elon Musk’s latest car and it has a serious back order list. The list of customers has rapidly grown since customers were first able to view the new model on March 31, 2016. The first deliveries of the new car are slated to begin in the U.S. in late 2017. The backorder list has grown so much that Elon Musk predicts that it will take up to the year 2020 to fulfill the requests. It’s reported that high numbers of people reserved the Model III before it was unveiled.   So, what makes the Tesla III so astounding that it has reached such a high level of demand and has such a large back order list? Let’s take a look at some of the specs to find out:   Starting Price = $35,000: The starting price puts this amazing car at the fingertips of many more customers than previous models. The Model S was popular with customers, but the price range began at $71,000. The price of the Model III has surely drawn in new customers who have had their eye on previous models for years. Supercharging Ability: The Model III is fully electric and can be supercharged. This mean that the car can be charged up in minutes as opposed to hours. It’s just like […]