Five Benefits of Owning an Electric Vehicle

When looking for a new car, many people search for a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle. Since the gasoline car is most familiar and usually more affordable, people do not look deeply into purchasing an electric vehicle. However, an electric car has many advantages to it, but many people do not know about these advantages. The five best reasons to purchase an electric car are listed below. Fuel Economy Fuel economy is a huge reason to purchase an electric vehicle. With the price of gasoline frequently rising, many people have concerns about the miles per gallon that the gasoline vehicle gets. With an electric vehicle, this is not a concern. Electric cars are measured on how far they can go on a single charge. Therefore, electric cars are much more efficient than the gasoline vehicles. Performance and Maintenance Many people do not realize the smooth performance of an electric vehicle. Many people believe that the electric vehicle is slow, but this is not true. Although the electric vehicle may not have the same type of engine, it is still able to perform at the same speeds. As a matter of fact, the electric vehicle has an advantage over gas vehicles when it comes to acceleration. The electric vehicle does not have to shift between gears, and because of this, it is able […]


Car Thieves Using Minor Accidents to Steal Cars

If you have been in a minor car accident, your first instinct may be to get out and check for damage. However, it may be best to drive to a public place before doing so. This is because thieves have been creating small accidents as an excuse to lure a driver out of his or her car. Once the driver has left the vehicle, another person then jumps in and drives away with the vehicle.   Women Are Frequently Targeted   Women tend to be targeted more often than men in such schemes. However, men could find themselves vulnerable to these types of tactics as well. If possible, the best thing to do may be to get the license plate number of the car that hit your vehicle. From there, you can contact the police and ask them to come to the scene of the accident. An officer can then get the necessary information from the driver that caused the crash whether you choose to get out of your car or not.   Watch Out for the Passenger   Typically, the passenger in the vehicle that hits yours is the one who will attempt to drive off in your car or truck. Therefore, be especially wary of getting out of your automobile if you notice that there is more than […]

Signs of a Failing Transmission

Even the most calm and collected car own could have a panic attack in response to a single word, namely, transmission. Any other problem could be managed. If you are confronted with the need for a new alternator, battery, or a few new tires, you can expect to pay only in the range of a few hundred dollars. But a failing transmission could cost more than a few months of rent. If you are concerned that your transmission is failing, there are a few obvious warning signs that might serve as indicators.   Hard Shifting A hard shift can be one of the more annoying of the warning signs because it happens consistently while you are driving. When you are shifting into the next gear, you may notice that your vehicle hesitates or has trouble. You may feel it jerking around or shaking. Unfortunately, this problem will not go away and your vehicle will and eventually be rendered inoperable. It is likely that it will eventually get to a point in which it will not shift at all, leaving you in first gear and unable to travel more than 20 MPH. That’s barely fast enough to traverse the parking lot.   Transmission Slips A slipping transmission can be a little frightening while you are on the road. It will seem […]

GM Gluing Cars Together To Save Weight and Money

GM taking the world by storm with its newest idea for the future of cars, trucks, and SUV’s It’s all about finding changes that can positively impact the environment, and to bring to the consumer a better gas mileage for the vehicle they are about to purchase, which is in many times attributed to the weight of the vehicle. Rather than trying to change the engine of many of their vehicles, or making them electrically run, GM has just introduced the new 2017 GMC Acadia with a new concept. Instead of joining the vehicle body components with rivets and traditional welds, GM is using adhesives of aircraft grade along seams to produce a stiffer body style that leads to needing less steel in the process. Their end result was a reduction in weight of about 700 pounds, and a more efficient gas mileage of 23 miles per gallon, compared to the Acadia’s original 18 miles per gallon. Using the adhesive gluing of the vehicle components has been a less drastic change while creating a monumental difference in weight and gas efficiency.   Is this concept safe, and how does it work?   Many people may be under the assumption that this practice is seemingly unsafe. However, the practice of gluing and using advanced adhesive processes has been used on the […]

The Venerated Silk Road Project

Those among us who remember when Toyota, Honda and even Mitsubishi made sports cars, likely lamented the passing of the venerated Supra, Prelude and 3000GT, shuffled off production lines, and summarily relegated to the collective dustbin of history! Honda consistently rumors that they are making a new Prelude, but it appears Toyota has teamed up with BMW and are putting their money into a joint-venture (FT-1 concept) Supra. Car enthusiasts will likely let out cacophonous howls as they dream of driving a Supra again! As for the name, I may have gotten a little carried away, as it is not yet in stone. It could be Supra, it could be 2000GT, or perhaps something else. The name aside, this car is going to be coming to dealerships soon, likely in the next calendar year. This great new sports car, that will share market space with the likes of the Ford Mustang for example, will come in a coupe, as well as convertible models, and the BMW partnership will bring credibility to the project. The BMW Z4 is the only car in the combined car lines of these 2 companies that even comes close to the FT-1 concept car. This concept car will likely be a replacement model for BMW’s Z4, but that which lacks all of the goodies of the […]

The New Tesla is All the Rage

The Tesla III is Elon Musk’s latest car and it has a serious back order list. The list of customers has rapidly grown since customers were first able to view the new model on March 31, 2016. The first deliveries of the new car are slated to begin in the U.S. in late 2017. The backorder list has grown so much that Elon Musk predicts that it will take up to the year 2020 to fulfill the requests. It’s reported that high numbers of people reserved the Model III before it was unveiled.   So, what makes the Tesla III so astounding that it has reached such a high level of demand and has such a large back order list? Let’s take a look at some of the specs to find out:   Starting Price = $35,000: The starting price puts this amazing car at the fingertips of many more customers than previous models. The Model S was popular with customers, but the price range began at $71,000. The price of the Model III has surely drawn in new customers who have had their eye on previous models for years. Supercharging Ability: The Model III is fully electric and can be supercharged. This mean that the car can be charged up in minutes as opposed to hours. It’s just like […]